Aug 19

 The adult home party industry has been given a great gift in the form of a book called "50 Shades of Grey."

This is one of those romantic novels that takes things to an extreme and gets the reader to start asking questions.

Luckily for you, as an adult home party consultant, you are uniquely qualified to answer those questions and provide the products your clients need to live out their fantasies.

Romantic novels, as a general rule, are helpful in getting your female clients to start using their imaginations. But something as specific as the "50 Shades of Grey" novel deserves a theme party of its own to help your customers get the products they want and to help you to capitalize on this new trend.


50 Shades Of Grey Questions and Answers

A critical part of your adult home party with the "50 Shades of Grey" theme would be a question and answer period. You should put out on display many of the different products mentioned in the book, and then encourage your clients to ask questions. You may find a heightened interest in products that your clients have previously never paid much attention to.

The other significance to the questions and answers period is that it helps your customers to feel comfortable talking about the content in the book. For many women, the acts depicted in the book can be too risque. But when you open up the floor to questions and answers, then you can really get the conversation going.

Adult Theme Party - Favorite Passages

You should mark a few of your favorite passages from the book and then encourage your customers at the adult home party to have their favorites marked as well. It is not practical to dedicate time to trying to read the novel in one party, but you can certainly break the ice and get the party moving by having everyone share a few of their favorite sentences from the book.

Adult Toys - Product Specials

You will find that, in the book, specific adult home party products are mentioned separately and as a collection. To capitalize on this, you should have those products laid out for sale individually and as a group. You should also offer pricing specials on the products purchased together to encourage more sales.

The "50 Shades of Grey" book is a sensation that every adult home party professional should take advantage of. The book has opened up product conversations that can create multiple sales opportunities for you and your business.

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